Why do Big Websites Require Multiple Servers?

How many times have you gone to a website to find out information about a product or service or looked to a website to purchase something and you’ve been met with a warning message that ‘the site is down for important server maintenance. Apologies for any inconvenience’. It is a very frustrating thing that many of us have faced and brings into attention a reason why big websites should use multiple servers in order to become more efficient and reliable. If you are reading a message like the one above on a website, the likelihood is that it is referring to a single server, and that should soon become a thing of the past as all the biggest websites move over to multiple servers.

Web hosting technologies have developed over the years to make it much more efficient than it was even a short few years ago. Multi-server hosting for business websites have become popular for several reasons, including load balancing. By using multiple servers to host your website you can ensure that an increase in web traffic can be spread across multiple servers, instead of putting strain on the one server and potentially shutting down the website for a short period of time. A spike in visitors can take a single server by surprise, so by increasing capacity with multiple servers you can ensure the performance levels of the website can be maintained.

In ideal circumstances, you would want a web server to be as close to your business as possible, geographically. Where this changes, is if you have a customer market in multiple countries. This is where it pays off to have web servers close to, or in, the countries that you have those markets, ensuring website performance is consistent no matter the customers location.

Updates and maintenance are important of course, but with multiple servers you can ensure that maintenance is scheduled for different servers at different times, with traffic directed to the server not being updated at that time. This way, your website should never be offline. Similarly, in terms of disaster recovery if one server is affected by a power out or other problem, you have a backup, and other servers, allowing your website to remain active in the worst-case scenario.

A multi-server option for your website is often the most cost-effective approach for a large website, or for a company that is in the process of growing and building a website to match. It covers all of the above probabilities whilst doing so at a price that works for a business

If you are a growing business, there are many benefits to looking for a company that provides used and refurbished servers to help you run your business more efficiently. On top of making sure that your business runs as smoothly as possible, it is important to also look at how efficient your company website is. As you grow as a company, it is important to have use of multiple servers to ensure that your website runs smoothly at all times and that your customers are never faced with a message that the website is down for important maintenance. This helps your business to never miss out on an opportunity of a customer purchasing a product or service from you – an important aspect of growing any business.

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