What Is The Most Used And Loved Programming Language?

When starting to study and become interested in the development area, one of the main questions to arise is “what is the most used programming language in the world today?”.

The question is justified because no one wants to risk learning a language no longer being used.    On the other hand, developers who already master some languages ​​and technologies also want to know which language is becoming more popular, so they know what they need to update themselves.

Programmers who are already developing a project need to know this too. Well, imagine creating an entire project that is not compatible with a high-end language on the market. It is possible to notice that the doubt is familiar and straightforward. But the answer is not so much.

How To Know The Most Popular Programming Language?

The problem with answering these questions is knowing which criteria to evaluate. For example, a language can be the leader when the theme is “programming hours.” The ranking can be different if you consider who has “the most lines of code programmed.”

Not to mention that some languages ​​are pretty famous for a specific type of application, but not for others. With this difficulty, an article on Wikipedia presents a list of methods that can be used to arrive at an answer about “which programming language is most used.” Are they:

  • The number of times the language is searched on the internet (As in Google Trends);
  • The number of job postings for language experts;
  • The number of books sold that teach or describe the language;
  • Estimated number of lines of code existing in the language (may harm languages ​​that do not appear in searches);
  • Number of projects in the language on sites and communities;
  • Several posts in forums and groups about the language.

In addition to these criteria, the number of lines changed in open-source projects by catapult revenue, the number of students in courses in each language, among others, could also be mentioned.

What Is The Most Used Language In Development?

No wonder that several sites and communities try to measure the popularity of programming languages. The Stack Overflow, for example, is a site of questions and answers for developers who performs what he calls the largest survey of the development, showing the technologies that are a trend in the area.

In the 2020 edition, JavaScript again appears as the technology most used by developers in the world. It is noteworthy that the list does have not only programming languages but also markup and scripting languages.

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