The Best and attractive features of AGM Live Polling

The current event has changed the whole way the business setup has been working. The Singapore government has now ruled that proper care needs to be taken to maintain social distancing despite paying attention to business activities and this has paved way for the online webinar and AGM webcasts to a great extent. For the purpose of smooth and secure AGM Polling proper care needs to be taken to choose over the right platform or medium in this regard. The polling meeting admin has the complete control over that of the proceedings.

Six Media provides for lot of interesting features. It provides for selective option facility wherein the meeting administrator can allow or restrict the capability of certain attendees for polling. In such case, when a question is addressed to the shareholders, polling ability of the observer can be restricted. It also helps toggle between voters as the admin can select the attendees to see or not see the polling. It provides the feature to toggle between the polling questions to get the best real-time experience in the course of AGM live polling. An experienced partner like Six Media can ease up the whole virtual AGM.

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