Keeping Your Company Data Safe & Secure Online

With the advancement of technology, including everything being carried out online, the importance of keeping our data secure is increasing. Europe introduced its GDPR regulations to put the responsibility firmly on the shoulders of companies, with hefty fines for breaching guidelines and laws. As such, it has never been more vital for your company to look at the way you transmit and store data to ensure compliance and prevent breaches. Technology is moving fast, but some companies are staying ahead of the game and providing businesses with safe and secure solutions for their data.

Invisible Networks

Many companies have had to ask workers to work from home due to the recent pandemic, and this has left holes in some company’s security. Traditionally, there are substantial data centres that are costly to run and can also reduce security, as if someone gains access, usually through a backdoor, they can also access all the data held in that location. One alternative to this is a service provided by companies such as Netlinkz, a virtual invisible network, which allows businesses to connect sites, devices, and staff securely online.

Reducing The Risk

The high-quality service offered by Netlinkz uses the latest cloud storage technology, and it lets users manage their data transmission and storage remotely, which also negates having to use an external provider. By reducing the distance between the source and transmission services, it helps to minimise the risk and also reduces bottlenecks. The software provided by Netlinkz also gives companies an additional layer of connectivity and has been used to help workers connect remotely while working from home. Without technology such as this, the risks to companies that use a lot of sensitive data would be high, so it is a welcome addition to many IT professionals throughout the world.

A Technology That Grows With Your Business

One of the significant benefits of using a virtual invisible network is that it can be used by just about any company, no matter whether they are large or small, operate internationally, or only work in one geo-specific location. The technology can be scaled up as your business grows and allows you to be in control of your security, keeping your data and that of your customers safe. If you are looking for employee pc monitoring software technology to help secure your business in these unprecedented times, then companies such as Netlinkz may have the solutions for which you are seeking. With full support offered, you will not have any problems integrating a virtual invisible network with your systems, keeping you once step ahead of your competition, and potential risks.

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